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Simply put, this program is designed to give you more qualified and quality leads and it does just that. Once I had an edited video in my hands, implementing Saad's strategies were easy and the ball didn't stop rolling after that. I've been getting a steady stream of leads, much more qualified and certainly more hot that any other online lead system I've experienced.

The program offers more than what meets the eye. Using the strategies that the program describes has been crucial to my success. My first video ad did not provide the results that aligned with my needs, but as time went on and as we tweaked the lead generation systems, my conversions grew rapidly.

The program emphasizes on not only digital strategy, but marketing methods we have used for so many years that are now converting at a much higher rate because of the targeting systems used in this program. The scripts, edits to the landing pages, and the CRM system are all amazing and automate much of my work. 10/10.

The goal as a real estate agent is to wake up to a sizeable amount of leads that will bloom throughout the day. To achieve that, for a long time, I had paid marketing programs and agencies thousands of dollars per month in an attempt to make that a reality. Well, I did wake up to sometimes 5-10 leads a day, and of those leads, almost none I could convert. Wrong numbers, fake emails, and "just looking" were the typical issues I had faced.

Months after starting the Digital Dominance program with Saad Murtaza, I have reduced the amount spent, and reduced the amount of nonsense leads I receive. I now have maybe 15-20, quality, warm to hot leads per month, and most importantly, it is the leads that reach out to me! Currently sitting on 5 homes under contract, set to sell in the coming months from this alone.

I've tried a few different marketing programs, spanning from specialized coaches, to large agencies, and the key takeaways from this program are:

1 - You pay for the entire program but you have access to Saad to consult with anything you may need

2 - The program is priced very fairly

3 - He actually has real world experience with small businesses and as a real estate agent so the combination of marketing, methods of lead gen and experience makes this special

These days everyone is somehow an influencer or a coach, teaching others how to get clients or perform a certain task without doing it themselves. What I like about Saad is that he has performed in every industry he speaks of and has an in depth knowledge of it. From gaming, to digital marketing, to real estate, he knows the ins and outs and was able to communicate with me on a level that I understood and from experience. One of a kind program.

Love having the ability to schedule and speak with Saad whenever I seem to hit a hurdle or need some advice. He's kind, patient, and very helpful.

Closed 3 deals within 6 months using Digital Dominance and the help of Saad Murtaza. Simple, easy to understand, and a well thought out program!

Getting 10 warm leads per month using this program and will be looking to scale really soon. Saad's advice was spot on and he coached me through until the end. I'll look to him again to guide me as my team grows larger and I am able to distribute these leads.

It took 3 months for me to get my ads, landing pages, and the correct offering down, but Saad kept in touch the entire time and we eventually found our top performer. Scaling that ad through other platforms got me 6 qualified leads shortly after. Time truly tells the tale of whether this program works or not, but as Saad suggested, we looked at the statistics, facts, and aimed our offering to fit that analysis. Really glad I joined!



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