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With more than 12 years of experience as a business executive, Saad Murtaza illustrates a proven track record of consistently delivering exceptional results and supporting key business initiatives. Driven by desire and work ethic, Saad Murtaza has achieved top sales performances through continuous improvement, innovating revenue enhancing processes, and analyzing metrics. Graduating as a Specialist in Management from the University of Toronto, he pivoted rather quickly into the world of entrepreneurship where he aimed to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry.

After designing, developing, and extensively marketing two separate mobile gaming applications, Saad Murtaza successfully accomplished his goal in finalizing a merger and acquisition with a leading game studio in Europe. Grasping the attention of media, journalists, and the target demographic was no coincidence. Understanding the metrics and methods that made his model so successful, Saad founded a consulting firm, specializing in the marketing, outreach, and commercialization of digital products worldwide. Whilst on the Board of Directors, he strategically crafted a series of processes that would innovate the method behind the marketing of digital assets. His program would eventually be sold to one of the top ten leading mobile gaming corporations in the world.

Real estate was the natural next step for Saad Murtaza as he aimed to gain experience and understanding of varying investment opportunities. However, with no intention of becoming an active agent, one thing had become abundantly clear, that the underlying challenge for any Realtor® revolves heavily around lead generation. With more than 50% of Realtors® closing less than one transaction per year, it is rather prevalent that the industry is saturated, competitive, and/or lacks qualitative marketing measures. As he did for the gaming industry, he began to immerse himself into the world of real estate and the duties of a Realtor®, allowing him to better understand the daily tasks and struggles of those in the industry. Regular motions of door knocking, distributing "Just Listed/Just Sold" flyers, door hangers, and post cards, hosting charity events, attending townhall meetings, access to real estate newsletters, consistent neighbourhood/telelisting calls, addressing expired/FSBO clients, as well as objection handling, all seemed not only tedious and time consuming, but converting at a rather miniscule rate.

Saad Murtaza would then dedicate his time into the idea of combining the digital marketing strategies of past industries, into real estate. Accelerating Conversions was founded, and the Digital Dominance program was deployed, allowing Realtors® and all business owners to gain traction, utilize targeting/retargeting strategies, and become omnipresent on the web, increasing conversions and escalating profits.

The Digital Dominance program has benefitted countless Realtors®, hundreds of entrepreneurs online, and has been presented at some of the largest Real Estate Brokerages in North America. As the world transitions into the digital age, why not ensure every time your client, your sphere of influence, or your target audience, merely glances into the online world, they are reminded of the excellence that you offer.



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